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About Ancient India Temples
India, historically referred to the territory bound by the Hindu Kush and the Himalayas, is a country full of wonderful ancient Hindu temples. These unmatched and artistic architectures contribute richly to the Indian cultural heritage. Temples are found everywhere in India, in villages and in towns. The oldest temples are the rock cut and cave temples in India.

History of Ancient Indian Temple
They are traced at Barabar Hills in Bihar, Elephanta, Bhaja, Karla, Kanheri, Nasik and Ellora all in Maharashtra, Badami in Karnataka, and Pallavaram and Mahabalipuram in Tamilnadu. They belong to the 3rd and the 2nd century B.C. These are the caves directly cut out from the mountains. First scooped and then carved, they narrate the stories of the unmatched talents of the very first artists from the dawn of time.

Since that very time Hindu temple architecture follows a set of fundamental rules. The sanctum containing the statue or symbol of the deity is a square cella. A pyramidal structure rises above that which symbolizes the Meru Mountain, the abode of the Hindu gods. This part of the temple is the holiest of all. In this part the rituals are performed by the Brahmins. In front of this central tower is a hall open from three sides, held on beautiful pillars carved intricately. In this hall the devotees gather in large number to participate in the rituals and the chants. This is where the dances are also performed. Surrounding the hall is a courtyard with or without boundary wall.

Ancient Temple Architecture
This courtyard is reached through a gopuram or gateway. The levels of the main sanctum, mandapa or hall, courtyard and gateway are in descending order. The garbha-griha or the sanctum is the highest as it is believed to be the chamber of the deity. To this basic architecture, little variations can be observed but to see a temple totally different in design is not possible. Because above all else, it is the residence of god, that has to bear a common thread of design in all variations.

Famous Old Temples of India
Ancient era was the witness when religious practices flourished the most and temples became the world's storehouse of knowledge and culture. Here is an exclusive list of ancient temples that have been a symbol of faith and religion for ages.

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